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Joseph Stanek

Joseph Stanek

Instruments and Services

Singing Lessons | Artist development, Aural Lessons, Ensemble Coaching, Theory Lessons, Drama Lessons, Online Lessons


1837 25th Road, Long Island City, NY

Bachelor of Music, Voice Performance, Furman University; Diploma dell'arte, Opera, L'Accademia dell'Arte (Italy); Creative Director for Kristin Chenoweth

Classical voice, musical theatre, jazz, rock, pop, art song

Any and all ages and levels

116 per session


Joseph Stanek’s most “Popular” work as a vocal coach comes via his Creative Director role with showbiz sensation Kristin Chenoweth, though his many talents can be seen on the Broadway stage, on major television networks, and in some of the most famous concert venues in the world. He has worked with some of the greatest singers in history, including Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, and of course, his main squeeze, Kristin Chenoweth. For a deeper look into his multifaceted career, visit his portfolio.

Teaching Info

No two students’ sessions will ever look alike. The material taught and the teaching style is all custom-built around each student’s goals. I call pre-determined vocal curricula “cookie-cutter methods to boring singing,” as every student’s vocal journey should be as completely unique as their instruments. My philosophy about singing concerns healthy technique at its foundation, used to leverage a lifetime of making music with the voice. Much of my performance philosophy revolves around presentation and making otherwise forgotten moments become golden moments of connection within ourselves and with our audiences. If I’m your coach, you’re going to shine.

Click here for a video with more information about my style of teaching.

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Joseph Stanek

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1837 25th Road, Long Island City, NY

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