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Mandy’s Piano and Songwriting Lessons

Mandy’s Piano and Songwriting Lessons

New York, NY

will travel to you please enquire.

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  • Qualifications: Natalia Huang Piano Studio, Berklee College of Music
  • Pricing: 25$ per lesson
  • Styles: pop, rock, classical, jazz
  • Suitability: 3-adult


Mandy Kessler is a singer, songwriter and piano player who graduated with a Bachelor of Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. They participated in many solo shows at Berklee and formed a band that they still front, The Canvas Collective. They started teaching in their a capella group by running sectionals and helping members with parts, but now have 2 years of official teaching experience. Mandy’s piano and voice lessons are creative, filled with enthusiasm, and help the student gain a sense of determination between practicing and playing. Their lessons focus on the basics of theory while learning how to be creative with music, and recognizing that it is a skill that requires practice. It is important to have fun while learning in an effort to retain the passion that ignited curiosity, studying songs that stimulate and engage the student. They are taught the fundamentals and encouraged to use them to branch out into what peaks their interest. 

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