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Sage Music

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44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY

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At Sage Music, our goal is simple: To transform students into musicians with innovative lessons that deliver real results. We believe that we are successful not only when our students become solid musicians, but when we have enabled them to learn and practice and perform music on their own. We achieve this by a combining traditional music pedagogy and enhancing it with the research into neuroscience, psychology, biomechanics, wellness, and other related fields of study.

This produces our holistic, interdisciplinary method of teaching. We often talk about ‘how one learns’ as a key to understanding each student’s particular needs, so that we can enable our students to achieve the results they desire.   Students are thus guided to find and share their own musical voice on the instrument of their choosing in an open, supportive environment.

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Sage Music School is much more than a place students come for music lessons. It is a community of musicians – teachers, students, and supporters alike – who are dedicated to musical and personal growth and success.

When many students begin their lessons, they find they want more than just instruction. They desire a community that is dedicated to their success. Students at Sage Music find peers and teachers committed to their development in an inviting facility that fosters artistry, confidence and success through music lessons and classes, performances, events and supportive relationships.

In addition to detailed technical and musical training, students here learn how to practice and maximize their time, how to use their body properly, and how to interpret in order to create beautiful musical performances.  As a result, our students gain the confidence and the desire to practice and perform, and to share their gift with others.

Based on the science and research of the psychology of learning, our effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music. We believe that everyone – and that includes you –  is capable of performing music well, they only need to be shown the proper methods of practice, study, and technique. Through these methods, we transform students into musicians.

Sage Music

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44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, NY
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